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Cactus Kombi

A friendly service for your Kombi purchase | Importers of VW campers

Have you ever tried picking the prickly pear fruit from a Cactus? Do it right and you have a very sweet exotic delicacy, do it wrong and you will have a hand full of forns. It’s the same with sourcing Kombi’s internationally, especially from South America. So let us do the picking, and you enjoy the fruits.

Cactus Kombi is an established family business providing a hands on end-to-end solution in the UK & Brazil. Our aim, coupled with your input, is to source you the bus of your dreams at an affordable price, our one stop shop gives you a hassle-free purchase and an opening into the much loved and desirable world of the VW van scene. 

We can source you the perfect Kombi to suit your requirements and budget with UK registration and delivery to your home.

Whether you are looking for a project bus (and not looking to pay show prices) or you want a ready to go weekend tourer or camper we can find the right bus for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for details on upcoming imports.

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