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Common Questions

Which models are currently available?

We can source any transporter from T1's to T2's in panel van, mini bus, camper and pickup format including rare variations

How old are your Kombi's

We import Kombi's from early models (around 1960's T1's) right up to the last produced T2's from 2013.

Can I view the van before buying it?

We regularly import a selection of van's that you can come and see before buying. We also offer a specialised sourcing service were we find the right van for your requirements

What are the condition of the buses?

We import all conditions from project buses to prestigious show class beauties. So whether your budget is small or large we can find you a bus to meet it.

So what's the damage?

We can entertain all budgets from £5K for a T1 project wreck or a running recent T2 up to £20K plus for a ready to run pristine T1. Plus everything in between and beyond. Let us know what you are looking for and we can give a guide on the price and what condition you can expect.

Are the Kombi's LHD?

Yes since we import them mainly from South America. But don't let that deter you from getting your dream bus for a reasonable price. Ask yourself, are you going to be using the bus on your daily commute in the thick of the inner city congestion zone or will you be on the open road cruising to the V-dub meet or for a weekend camping. In which case, who cares. Besides you aren't buying for the practicality are you :-)

Are the Brazil T1’s and T2’s real VW’s?

This seems like a silly question but we do get asked it occasionally. Yes they are. VW established their first assembly facility in Brazil in 1953 and scaled up production with bigger plants in the late 50’s producing the T1 fusca (beetle) and kombi type 1. In 1975 production shifted to the T2 which continued right up to 2013. 

Can we also source parts?

Yes we can source both new and used parts. So whether you are buying a van from us and want to upgrade to safari windows or you need a replacement door, panels or seats for your own project then just let us know what you need and we can try to source it for you.

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